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Worried about seeing our dentist for a check-up? Signs that you have dental anxiety

If you are like many dental patients and feel slightly irritated when you are reminded that it is time for a dental check-up or puzzled about how you are going to fit the appointment in between your work and home schedule, this is normal.

While these reactions are very common, they are actually a good sign; the idea of attending a dental check-up does nothing more than prompt you to try and make time for it. However, there are a significant group of dental patients who experience the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to thinking about dental check-ups.

And with dental phobias frequently making the top 10 phobias that people report, it seems that group is going nowhere any time soon!

At Willaston Dental Care, our team knows how hard it can be to visit the dentist in Cheshire. That’s why we offer specialist interventions for our most nervous dental patients. We offer a welcoming, non-judgemental approach, regardless of the condition of your teeth and will always aim to get your oral health back on track without causing you distress.

But what are some of the other signs that you may have dental anxiety?

Sleep issues the night before an examination

So your dental examination is tomorrow morning and despite having had a busy day at work or home, you can’t sleep.

Slight apprehension is somewhat normal, but insomnia or worry before visiting our dentist in Cheshire is indicative of a possible issue. If you are worried the day before your examination, talk to our friendly team on arrival and we will aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Nervousness in the waiting room

Once again, being slightly distracted in the waiting room before you see our dentist in Cheshire is normal. Hence why so many waiting rooms have magazines!

However, if you find yourself sweating, fidgeting, if you feel short of breath or notice that your heart rate has increased, this is a sign that you are feeling more than slight anxiety at getting into the dental chair. So talk to our team when you enter the surgery, and we will ensure you feel safe and that the appointment is taken at the pace you want.

Physical signs of anxiety

Physical signs of more intense nervousness include shaking, feeling sick, dizziness or having dry mouth.

If you notice these symptoms while you are waiting to see us, or are in the dental chair, alert a member of our staff.


If you are delaying your dental check-up for minor reasons, this could be a sign that you are either unbothered by the entire process, or the idea of getting into the dental chair fills you with dread.

Sadly, patients who are nervous of dental check-ups often have poor oral health, so if you have toothache, or cavities along with an overdue appointment, this could all point to you having an untreated fear of getting into the dental chair. If this sounds like you, our team can help!


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