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About Us

Welcome to Willaston Dental Care, a family-orientated dental care centre, offering NHS Denplan and bespoke dental care.

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At Willaston Dental Care, we offer a wide range of services, both NHS and Private.

We aim to put you at ease with our friendly approach. You will see from the start that we go the extra distance and strive to make your visit as relaxing as possible. We hope that your visits will be prompt and pleasant so that you will want to help increase our family of clients through your recommendation. Our team takes great pride in the quality of our work, and as members of the British Dental Association, the British Endodontic Society, The British Periodontal Society and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry we are committed to the highest standards of dental care in general practice. Together we can achieve good dental health for everyone.

Creating a Beautiful Smile

A smile portrays your personality, its importance is incalculable. An attractive smile can open doors and has a great impact on health, selfesteem, and relationships.


The best way to keep your teeth for life is to keep them healthy.


By listening to your wants and assessing your needs, we can give you the healthiest mouth possible based on the simple principle TOOTH DECAY AND TOOTH LOSS IS PREVENTABLE. To this end, we provide a comprehensive range of dental services including prevention, hygiene, restorative and cosmetic care. 

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Preventative Care

Preserving your Smile

Prevention is at the heart of everything we do at Willaston Dental Practice. From hygienists who can improve and maintain the condition of your gums, provide fluoride treatments for the relief of tooth sensitivity and tooth sealants, to extensive dental work, to improve the appearance and life span of your teeth.

Hygiene Care

Supporting your Smile

90% of the population has some signs of gum disease, often without realising it. It is a silent problem that may go unnoticed until the late stages.

This is why we are so diligent at examining your gum and soft tissue health at every opportunity. A regular visit to the hygienist cleans and protects your mouth from the unwanted accumulation of plaque, calculus and staining. The Oral Health team will also give advice to enable you to maintain this healthy state at home

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Restorative Care

Repairing your Smile

Every day, life can take its toll on teeth, causing tooth fracture, decay or even tooth loss.
This does not mean you cannot have long-term dental health, but we do have to work to restore and then minimise or prevent future problems

Cosmetic Care

Improving your Smile

With modern technology, there are many smile enhancing options available, one of which will be right for you.

These include:

• Tooth Whitening to brighten and whiten dull teeth
• Improve chipped or misshapen teeth with dental bonding, veneers or crowns
• Straighten crooked teeth with Invisalign® Invisible Braces
• Fill gaps with Bridges / Implants / Cosmetic dentures
• White mercury free fillings
• Cerec® Sameday White Ceramic Crowns and fillings
If you are less than happy with your smile, we can give you something to smile about.

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