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New Patients

At Willaston Dental Care, we offer a wide range of services, both NHS and Private.

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We also provide Dental Care Plans with the following benefits to you:

  • Allow you to be treated as a private patient

  • Enable you to take advantage of up to 20% treatment discounts

  •  Provide you with emergency insurance

  • Break your dental treatment costs down in a small monthly fee

Your Examination Visit

Please allow up to 30 minutes for your first visit. This may seem like a long time but we like to do our job thoroughly.

We ask for certain information, such as an up to date medical and medication history to help us provide safe dental care tailored to your individual needs.

Many medical conditions have an indirect effect on your mouth and oral health, so please let us know if there is something you are particularly concerned about or that you feel may influence your treatment, and keep us up to date with any changes of medications or health status.

Twelve Point Dental Check for a Healthy
Happy Smile

Our aim is to look after our patients in all aspects of the dental and oral health and work with you to maintain optimum dental health.


How healthy do you feel your teeth and gums are right now?


How happy are you with your smile?


How is your general health, have you had any recent medication changes?


Life style risks: Do you smoke or drink alcohol, suffer from stress or diabetes?


Oral Cancer Screen: Examining your tongue lips and cheeks to check they are healthy


Functional test: Do your jaw joints move smoothly and comfortably?


Do you clean in between your teeth as well as brush them regularly?


Are you aware of any bleeding when cleaning your teeth, or bad breath?


Is there plaque present on the teeth?


Periodontal Screen: are the gums healthy or are there signs of gum disease?w?


Teeth and restorations: are they sound, are there any signs of excessive tooth wear?


Radiographs as required to check the health of hidden areas

Using this information we can formulate a treatment plan specific to your needs as well as discussing any alternative options such as white fillings, and work with you to improve and maintain good dental health

Sometimes x-ray pictures are needed. We will only do these with your consent, and if they are clinically indicated to help us diagnose or assess a potential problem. They are taken using a digital system, which allows a greatly reduced radiation dose to be used, and us to discuss the results with you immediately.

Identifying minor problems early can prevent serious problems developing later.

We will advise you of any areas of concern, and all options available, with appropriate costing, to remedy them, and once your treatment has finished we will advise you of the recommended recall period in accordance with current NICE guidelines.

There is no obligation to proceed with any dental care, but should you wish, we are happy to discuss any aspect further.

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