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What kind of service is offered at the practice?

As a compassionate and understanding dentist in Cheshire we realise the importance that your surroundings have on your mental health and wellbeing. Dental anxiety has been around for decades and we utilise our own unique method of helping our patients reduce their levels of stress. Our expert staff and highly trained individuals will ensure that any treatment and visit you have at the practice is enjoyable and positive, to alleviate fears and deal with stress. Visit our dentist in Cheshire to experience this yourself.

A new experience

In the twenty-first century our dentist in Cheshire understands that patients today have a better understanding of what they want from a dental practice. We therefore offer more than just fillings and extractions. We offer our patients the opportunity to share their dental ambitions and their dental concerns. We listen carefully with compassion and empathy so that we can develop a relationship with them. The better that we know our patients the better the treatment that we can give them. No two patients are the same and all our staff are fully trained and continue to attend seminars and training not only on specific dental advancements, but mental health and wellbeing as well. The experience that we deliver is designed to allow our patients to take control of their own dental health. Patients are encouraged to ask enquiring questions about their condition and the proposed treatment before they make the decision to proceed. By being able to take the decision themselves to have a specific treatment they are taking control of their own dental care. Because our patients have a better understanding of their treatment they are less anxious and more relaxed when they receive their treatment.

Oral hygiene must start early

Understanding oral hygiene is a basic element of preventive dentistry and without fully grasping this basic starting point, proper dental care will not be maintained. Educating children from a young age is a fundamental step to achieving a high degree of oral hygiene. We like to encourage our patients to bring their children when they come for an appointment. This helps children to become familiar with the surgery's surroundings as they adapt to the sights and smells of a modern dental surgery.

Comprehensive range of treatments

To provide a complete dental care service, this practice delivers a fully comprehensive range of treatments using the latest technology and techniques. Continuity is another aspect of dentistry which we consider important and we understand that a patient would prefer treatment from someone they know. Our range of treatments addresses this problem and allows our patients to enjoy a variety of treatments from a practitioner they are familiar with and trust. Restorative surgery includes repairing broken or chipped teeth, veneers, bridges, crowns and replacing lost teeth. When it comes to cosmetic surgery we can provide everything from simple teeth whitening to orthodontic treatment like dental misalignment correction, so that you can smile confidently. We usually undertake jawbone augmentation for dental implants, but in some cases a bony defect of the jaw may require some bone grafting which we happily provide.


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