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Three reasons why we recommend you keep that appointment with our dentist

When it comes to the reasons why patients skip out on their dental check-up visits, we at Willaston Dental Care, believe we have heard it all, from the “something came up and I had to cancel'' to forgetfulness, and let’s not forget visits missed due to fear of the dentist chair. While we understand that life does not always unfold as planned, we can’t stress heavily enough the importance of visiting a dentist in Cheshire to keep your smile looking bright and your teeth and gums happy and healthy.

Miss out on regular dental check-ups and you lose the opportunity to have a professional dentist in Cheshire with the required training and experience examining your mouth to look out for red flags that threaten your oral health. It is not always the case that a dental problem will announce itself in the form of a toothache or tooth or gum sensitivity. More often than not, worrying signs or symptoms need a knowing eye and special dental tools and equipment to identify them. It is only under the careful observation of an experienced dentist in Cheshire, when the first signs of cavities can be spotted or potential tooth movement be detected.

Here are more equally compelling reasons why our dental team at Willaston Dental Care want you to schedule and keep your dental check-up appointment with us.

Three reasons not to skip out on dental check-up visits

Treat minor issues before they can escalate

The problem with minor signs or symptoms that go unchecked and left untreated is that they don’t go away – they linger to develop into major problems that are often accompanied by great discomfort and pain. Small issues can be treated easily and often quickly, bigger dental problems are less so. Major dental problems that require lengthy treatment plans are also more of a drain on the pocket. Consider the benefits of a thorough clean from a professional ‘scale and polish’ over having to endure a root canal or extraction.

Get screened for mouth diseases

Oral cancers can be picked up early on a regular check-up visit. Early timely treatment is of the utmost importance in ensuring treatment is successful – any delay in seeking dental care poses great risk to the life of a patient, not to mention the difficulty in treating oral cancers in later stages.

Put in place necessary preventive measures

There is a reason why preventive dental care is so highly recommended by all dental practitioners – it is the most effective way to safeguard oral health for the long-term. Preventive dentistry is the field of dentistry dedicated to preserving the health of teeth and gums and so avoid the harm and damage to them that can arise from poor dental health. Food and drinks are consumed numerous times each day and many of these meals contain sugar and acid that, when left behind on teeth and gums, feed the bacteria build-up that cause cavities and other gum problems. Preventive dentistry treatments are focused on keeping teeth and gums clean so there is little risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Find the best dental care from caring and compassionate dental practitioners at Willaston Dental Care. Reach out to our efficient administration support team to schedule that critical dental check-up appointment.


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