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How to make sure your dentist is the right fit for you

The method you use to select a dental practitioner should not be the same as when you choose lottery numbers – not just any dental clinic will do. By carefully choosing your dental care provider, you align yourself with a dentist in Cheshire you will want to visit again and again for routine and any other treatments and procedures you will need – and in this way you gain the upper hand in ensuring good dental health. If the choice in dental practitioner is an all-important factor in receiving good quality dental care, then taking the time to look at all available options to differentiate one dental clinic apart from another is essential. At Willaston Dental Care we believe that the best place to start one’s search to find the perfect dentist in Cheshire to align with, is to ask a number of highly relevant questions.

Best questions to ask when finding a dentist in Cheshire

Does the dentist offer tech-oriented dental care?

Many patients overlook this aspect of their dental care, yet it remains one of the most highly relevant factors. This is so for a number of reasons. Our dental practitioners take the view that by utilising up-to-date dental technologies and equipment, we are empowered to diagnose problems easily and accurately and quickly prescribe effective treatments, so that our patients regain full functioning of their mouths and attractive infectious smiles.

How passionate are the dental team about what they do?

This question is easily answered by speaking to staff at the dental clinic. Do you receive a warm greeting and are your needs listened to with patience? Is the dentist open to questions during the consultation? The way a dental practitioner treats a patient during the consultation appointment makes it very obvious how passionate they are about serving a patient’s dental care needs.

Can I feel comfortable with this dentist?

The risk of not feeling comfortable with your dental care provider is that too often patients experience unpleasant dental visits. Our dentists at Willaston Dental place your comfort at the heart of what we do, so that you receive the dental care that you need with the least level of discomfort possible. What is more is that our dental team makes it a point to get to know our patients, as we find this is the best place from which we can deliver a superior dental care experience.

Is this dentist suitably qualified and experienced to offer me the dental care that I need?

Many patients know that dental practitioners need to be qualified to practice dentistry, but how many know that certain treatments and procedures require additional professional training and a higher level of relevant skills? Depending on the specific area of dental care that you need, it is worth asking your chosen dentist what their qualifications and experience is in that treatment or procedure.

When looking for a dentist, look for one you will want to build a long-term patient/dentist relationship with. Let our highly experienced dental team at Willaston Dental Care take the best care of you and your family’s oral care needs, from general dentistry care to orthodontic care including Invisalign. Our all-round dental care services are offered to NHS and private patients.


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