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Are you looking for a family-friendly dentist in Cheshire?

At Willaston Dental Care, we offer a wide variety of treatment plans designed for all ages, catering to both NHS and private patients. We understand that taking a trip to a dental clinic can be a daunting experience for lots of our patients and particularly for parents with young children. However, we take pride in our prompt, relaxed atmosphere, making what can be a stressful situation more relaxing.

Designing a bright smile for your child

Your smile is with you throughout your entire life. Having a smile that represents your interesting, individual personality can help improve your confidence, health, friendships and self-esteem. The best way to work on your smile is to start caring for your teeth at a young age. Our dentist in Cheshire will encourage good dental hygiene by creating healthy habits and being of consistent support to you and your child as they progress through their dentistry journey. Some children will go on to need braces, fillings or cosmetic help, and we pride ourselves on starting young people on a happy dental plan.

How do I encourage good dental habits from my child?

Did you know that you don’t need to wait until your child’s teeth are fully developed to start them on good dental hygiene? You can gently rub your baby's teeth with a damp cloth or gauze pad to keep away sugars or bacteria that could lead to the beginnings of cavities.

When your child does start to show signs of teeth you need to start caring for them. Once the initial pains have gone, you can begin to brush with a small, soft-bristled brush with a tiny amount of toothpaste. You could always call on our dentist in Cheshire to show you the appropriate amount of toothpaste or check whether the brush you’re using is soft enough.

You need to teach your children how to brush - you can begin to teach self-brushing as early as they turn three. Show your children by brushing your own teeth together with them. You can demonstrate using your teeth and make the experience fun by asking them to brush your teeth. Teaching them the correct technique is vital in making sure they don’t neglect any areas of their smile. As they grow you can introduce them to flossing and mouthwash. You need to keep a diligent eye on how long they brush for as children often become complacent.

When should we visit the dentist with our child?

A child should first visit the dentist around the time of their first birthday and should make regular visits from then on. Our dentist in Cheshire will be able to check for any decay or cavities that could have developed early on and quickly stop the development of any more by explaining how to look after your child's teeth correctly.

We understand that going to the dentist can be stressful, especially when children are involved, and there is the worry about pain, discomfort and general embarrassment over the condition of teeth. It is super important that you remain happy and calm when discussing visits to the dentist so that your children can feel free to talk to you about any worries or fears they might have, and we can work with you to make their experience as calm and pleasant as possible.


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