Willaston Dental Care - Fees


To enable us to offer high quality dental care at affordable prices, we request that treatment be paid for at or before the visit in which it is provided.

Payment for examination visits and emergency appointments is required prior to seeing the dentist and for procedures involving laboratory work – crowns and dentures – we request payment in full before the final fit appointment.

In accordance with NHS guidelines, we reserve the right to request payment in full at the time a course of treatment is planned and agreed.

If you require further explanation of our payment policy, please ask our reception team. If you have dental insurance, please keep all receipts to allow a claim to be made.

We accept cash, cheque with suitable guarantee card, debit and credit card (not American Express), and for certain treatment courses, we are happy to offer an interest free payment plan.

Some NHS patients are entitled to either full or partial exemption from NHS charges. If you think you may qualify, please ask.

  • Treatment

  • Exam
  • Hygiene Therapy
  • Fillings
  • White Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Dentures - Acrylic
  • Dentures - Chrome
  • Invisalign
  • Whitening
  • Extractions
  • From

  • £29.00
  • £38.00
  • £35.00
  • £45.00
  • £275.00
  • £295.00
  • £275.00
  • £185.00
  • £325.00
  • £2,500.00
  • £250.00
  • £75.00

NHS Charges

NHS charges are grouped into 3 “bands” depending on the treatment.

You can find the fees for each treatment in the table on the right.

Further information about NHS treatment fees and exemptions is available on the NHS website.

  • Band

  • Band 1: diagnosis, treatment planning and maintenance
  • Band 2: Simple Treatment
  • Band 3: Provision of dental appliances
  • Urgent Care
  • Examples of Treatment

  • Clinical examination, x-rays, diagnosis and advice, basic prevention & maintenance hygiene (scale and polish), preventative treatment such as fluoride application, planning for further treatment
  • All treatment from Band 1 plus additional treatment such as fillings, simple root fillings, extractions and routine periodontal treatment
  • All treatment from Bands 1 & 2 plus advanced treatments which include a laboratory element such as crowns, dentures and night guards
  • Assessment of pain, x-rays, dressings, re-cementing of crowns - limited to treatment of one urgent issue only
  • Patient Charge

  • £22.70
  • £62.10
  • £269.30
  • £22.70